Formidable Girls! focuses on gender advocacy, healthy esteem, leadership and unapologetic FIERCE!


Specializing in girls advocacy and women empowerment, Certification | Formidable Girls! focuses on girls empowerment coach training and certification.

How We Came to Be

One day our founder was watching a documentary on girls that sparked a fire within her very soul. In the film the girls mentioned their looks over and over and over again. Rarely was there commentary on their talents, aspirations or vision for themselves. This--coupled with witnessing more girl fights and body-shaming than she could stomach--spurred her to make a difference--differently. Why aren't girls taking on more leadership roles? Why do girls hold back? Why do girls focus on looks so much? Why are girls paid less when they grow up? Where is the disconnect? Where are the voices? Who is standing up for our girls? How can I be a solution?  


Our First Model

In 2013 Dr. Shekina Farr Moore founded Tween Style Power, a not-for-profit organization, with a focus on empowering girls with healthy body image, esteem and leadership tools through mentoring and training. Offering free monthly workshops for girls ages 10-17, Dr. Moore and her team began the charge of community outreach and female empowerment. Based in Atlanta, GA, their trainings covered an array of topics from teen dating to drafting full-fledged business plans.


Why Our Model Changed

After a year of successful training implementation, B2FG began to receive emails, inboxes and messages from women desiring to implement a similar girls program in their respective cities and states. Women were seeking to give back and mentor girls but didn't know where to begin or how to launch. They wanted Dr. Moore to mentor and guide them in how to implement a successful program, but she was busy running her own. Fast-forward, another six months went by and the requests to train women from all around the country continued to come in. In June 2015, Dr. Moore acquiesced and Tween Style Power became B2F Girls!™, a certification platform that equips women to launch their own girls empowerment programs across the country. In essence, the mission stayed the same; the how changed.


More Growth

Seeing how the market lacked many events for girls, Dr. Moore began to wonder how she could shed light on our mission to empower girls on a larger scale while providing networking opportunities for women in the field. To this end, B2F Girls! began to also produce girls empowerment events. In 2014 we held our first girls empowerment event, Tween Star Awards in Atlanta, GA. Today our events have expanded to include: Tween Star Awards, AuthenticiTEA, B2F Women’s Retreat, B2F Girls! Mentor Roundtable, and B2F Girls ZOOM Conference.


Helping Women to Empower Girls

Formidable Girls!™ differs from other mentoring programs in three ways-- (1) We offer a comprehensive, accredited curriculum, certified through the Intercontinental Coaching Institute; (2) Women complete the program fully certified and empowered to launch in their own communities and; (3) Graduates optionally have access to the B2F Girls!™ Network that keeps them connected to leader resources and a support system of like-minded women. Many women are reassured by knowing they are able to use their certification in many facets beyond the launching of their girls programs.

What Qualifies Our Founder to Lead the Charge

Dr. Shekina Farr Moore leverages a sixteen+ year career as a state-certified and licensed teacher and school administrator to design curriculum, provide instructional leadership, foster community relationships, and build capacity within the national organization. She holds an Ed.D. from North Carolina State University; an M.S.A. and a B.A. from North Carolina Central University; Life, Image, and Parent Coach Certification, and Coach Trainer Certification from IICS International Instruction of Coaching Studies.