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why you & why now?

In 2017 our Founder started a journey to get back in better health and then it was about me. But it has become so much bigger than me. 


It has become about you. Your journey, your story, your confidence, your growth. 


With you in mind, Formidable Woman is offering new tools such as meal plans, coaching and online fitness courses to support you as you unbecome. 


Be sure to invite your associates and friends to join FIERCE TO FORMIDABLE today! More announcements to come in the group! New website under construction. Coming soon!!!

Discover The Step-By-Step Lifestyle Formula That’ll Guide You On Your Journey To Healthy Living & Guarantee That You Enjoy Every Minute Of It



No gimmicks. No scams. No false promises. Just pure scientifically-proven facts fused into a winning healthy lifestyle guide. Get exclusive access to a wellness package to start looking and feeling healthier.

The Best Companion On Your Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Worried that you won’t be able to stick to a healthy lifestyle for more than one (1) week? 


Or maybe you want to start taking better care of your body but not sure where or how to begin? 


Don’t let thoughts of failure keep you from achieving your health goals.


Take charge of your life and steer yourself in the right direction for your health and wellness with a complete healthy living package that gives you the blueprint to a better lifestyle:


  • 50+ short-but-concise health informative tutorial videos 

  • Full audio files and scripts 

  • Comprehensive nutrition plan

  • Diverse diet plans to suit different needs

  • Complete workout regimen to meet various weight loss & fitness goals

  • Formula to balance physical and mental wellness

  • Access to exclusive extra videos and additional perks


For A Fun & Healthier Outlook On Life


Who said that living a healthy lifestyle had to be boring and difficult?


Our healthy living program has proven the complete opposite.


Now, you have a unique opportunity to approach life from a different angle, one which will equip you with the mental and physical wellness to optimize each day of your life while enjoying every single minute of it.

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