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Meet our Founder and CEO

Dr. Shekina Farr Moore






I moved to Atlanta with a 9-month old baby on a wing and a prayer. I was unhappy, overweight, had lost friends, and was overwhelmed with feelings of failure. One day, God had me lock myself in a room and write down my feelings. From that came my best-selling book, Blah to Fierce, where I carried women through a 30-day challenge to move out of their rut. Like me I figured other women were going through the same thing and could use a guide. I was right!

Five years later I was named among Atlanta’s Power 25 and lauded by the Mayor, GA House of Representatives and President Barack Obama.

I became a formidable woman simply by making a decision. I share this story not to brag but to echo to anyone in similar circumstances that you are one decision away from a 180 degree turn-around.

Whether on social media or in everyday life, we often view the lives of the influential and wonder how we can become them. I not only share the secrets to my success but how to be a “formidable woman.” And it all starts with “unbecoming”—a phrase I coined to help women strip away everything that isn’t really them. Most people like to use the term ‘become’, but I believe that when God created you, you were already who you are...From the very beginning, He already knew.

In the heavenly realm, you already are that person and so you just have to ‘unbecome’ everything that isn’t really you and allow the true you to shine through. This means all that society has told you, all the limits.

Today, I am the Director of Communications for Farr's Best, the #1 Urban Family in America. I also run Formidable Woman®, an international confidence and women's empowerment brand whose mission is to champion confidence in women. She runs Formidable Woman, Formidable Man Skincare, Formidable Woman® Beauty, Formidable Coaching Institute, Formidable Mingles (dating app), Formidable Publishing, Formidable Woman® Magazine, Formidable Men™ Magazine, Formidable Apparel, Formidable Consulting, Formidable Girls, and Fierce to Formidable Support Group.



Dr. Shekina Farr Moore runs Formidable Woman®, an international confidence and women's empowerment brand whose mission is to champion confidence in women--globally.

"Confidence is such a key factor in personal, social, emotional and professional development. It literally transcends all areas of our lives and can make or break both our success and access. With this in mind, we have built and continue to offer products, tools, courses and services that build this confidence in women—Business, Image, Mindset, Finances, Relationships, Health, Education."--Dr. Shekina Farr Moore


Dr. Shekina Farr Moore has spoken out against gender oppression and disempowerment since 1992, penning her first published article, "Blocking Out the Gender Gap", while a high school student. This article covered a female high school student trying our for the school football team. It garnered the attention and recognition of the National Press for Women.


She has authored over 20 empowerment books and has received many national and community awards for her work with social justice and gender advocacy, including the Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama and a standing ovation and resolution by the GA House of Representatives.

In 2019 she was named Educator of the Year by ACHI Magazine and received the Leading Lady in Entrepreneurship Award by Miz CEO in 2018. In both 2016 and 2017, Dr. Moore was named among Atlanta’s “Who’s Who” and was recognized as one of "52 Empowering Women Who Empower Girls" in 2014. She has been featured for her work in community, women's empowerment and gender advocacy by many publications, including FORBES, NBC, CBS, Fox, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, SHEEN, Millennial Mom, Today's Purpose WomanConnected Woman Magazine and The Huffington Post

Dr. Farr Moore received her B.A. in French (1999) and her M.S.A. in School Administration from North Carolina Central University (2004). She earned her Ed.S. (2009) and her Ed.D. (2016) in Educational Administration and Supervision from North Carolina State University. 


She is a member of Lean In Atlanta, Forbes Coaches Council, the National Association for Multicultural Education and the National Association of Professional Women. She resides in Atlanta, GA with her family.

She enjoys family time, cooking, and binge-reading with a good, hot green tea and sushi.

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Named among Atlanta's Power 25, Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Ed.D., is passionate about building confidence in women. A serial entrepreneur, she runs Formidable Woman®, the #1 confidence brand in the world. Her signature publications include Formidable Woman® and Formidable Men™. She has been featured by FOX, CBS, NBC, Black Enterprise, Forbes and more.



My ideal client is the woman who looks great on paper but who hasn’t yet accepted her greatness. She needs an usher like I did.


The best advice I ever received came from a book by Dr. Lois Frankel, Author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, who encourages women to be kind but never nice.

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"My life’s work focuses on the advancement of women and girls."

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