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Classes 4 weeks - Mondays in April
8:00 PM EST

Space is limited so I can work closely with those in the program.
Save y
our space today with payment in full and save.  Need more time? Make a $150 deposit and save your class seat. Then, pay the remaining balance of $347 by March 31. (Installment option includes a $20 fee.)

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to shake the blah off of your life and reignite your power at a new level

  • You are ready to have every area of your life leave a lasting impression on those around you

  • Your relationship can use some spicing up and you are ready for your man to remember the “fine” specimen of a women you were when you first caught his eye

  • You are single and ready to draw a whole new caliber of man into your life

  • You are ready to be more confident from the inside out

  • You are ready to present yourself in a way that increases your asking price and your bottom line in your business

  • You would like to be seriously considered for a promotion in your career or workplace

  • You are just simply ready to live in a bigger, better and more fulfilling way 

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What Time Works For You?

Le dépôt minimum pour une session est de 1 000 $. Min. le dépôt pour le mentorat d'un an est de 5 000 $. Vous serez contacté par e-mail pour terminer le processus d'inscription (pour effectuer un dépôt ou payer en totalité) et planifier la date et l'heure de votre session. Le client comprend que les sessions n'incluent pas les secrets commerciaux de Formidable Woman ou Formidable Brand LLC. Les paiements et les dépôts sont non remboursables, non transférables.

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