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Double End Makeup Tool

✔️This contour stick will help you achieve that perfect jawline and cheekbones

✔️It has a highlighting stick as well on the other end to complement the contouring

✔️The narrow tips make it easy for you to apply and it has a blendable formula for a natural look

Aside from the contouring stick on this product, it has a highlighting stick as well on the other end. Contouring and highlighting go hand in hand in the rules of makeup. In order to accentuate your features more, you need to highlight certain areas on your face to brighten them. In the same way, you apply the contour stick to the areas you want to appear less like that prominent forehead or cheeks. What is great about this product is you no longer have to use separate contouring and highlighting makeup when you can use this one instead. You will just have to simply turn to the other end to contour or highlight.

Easy to Apply and Blendable

It is important that you do not go overboard in applying contour unless you are doing stage makeup. If you want your shadows to look natural, it is important that the contour is perfectly blended. This contouring and highlighting makeup is very easy to apply with its narrow-angle and easily blendable for a natural result.

FW Duo Highlight Concealer Contour Stick

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FW Duo Stick
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