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For Kids Who Are Dreamers


Kids Impacting Kids Summit is designed to expose kids to other kids who are making an impact. We specifically aim to:


Help kids to be better friends

Help kids identify what qualities they admire in their role models

Provide examples of kids in your community who have positive qualities and are a good influence on other kids

Provide an opportunity for kids to talk to other kids they look up to for guidance and inspiration



Join us July 9, 2016 to inspire and get inspired to be all you can be. Enjoy music, rockstar kid panelists, food, prizes and kid vendors!

This event is open to all kids in grades K-8. (Parents must accompany kids.)

Superstar Guest Panelists include Youth Artist Camryn Green, Author Neveah McCauley, Anti-bullying App Creator Peyton Basnight, Author, Summit Co-Owner & Anti-bullying Ambassador Colin R. Moore, Event Host Joseph Dyke, Performer and Author DaiTime Jame and Model Jackson Dyke.


Sponsored by: B2F Girls Worldwide

Hosted by: Colin R. Moore (8) Author of "Just Horsing Around" + Music Sensation & Author, Dai Time (10) Author of "My Tutu"

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