Supporting Parent Organizations



B2F Girls! is committed to serving parents as they help guide young people through adolescence and young adulthood. By supporting parents in the areas of emotional literacy, communication, and strategies to understand the best use of social media, B2F Girls sets up parents with real and applicable strategies and practices to bring awareness and joy to the parent/child relationship.


Who We Work With

Schools, community organizations, or anyone seeking to provide students, staff or parents with tools and education.



  • 45/60/90 minute presentations & assemblies

  • 2-4 hour day or evening interactive workshops for small or large groups

  • Customized programs to suit your needs.


Programs We Offer


When Bullying Hits Home: 

No parent wants to watch their child suffer at the hands of another. Bullying is an epidemic that cannot actually be prevented without social and emotional learning for children AND parents. This interactive supportive presentation will help parents support their children through incidents of bullying and help to build resilience over fear. It also addresses how to interact with fellow parents when these incidences occur.


Surviving Teen-dom!!!

There is a science to decoding and understanding your teenage daughter during this time of becoming a young woman. As adults we often expect they will see life and circumstances from our level of development. Understanding the teenage brain and emotional process is your SECRET to SUCCESS. This informative seminar will help you empower your daughter to own both her successes and failures (SURPRISE! – this can be an excellent learning tool for you both!), using it all for positive growth and development. (this presentation can be done in large and small group formats)


Navigating Social Media: 

It seems that every new app brings a new fear. This presentation teaches parents how to understand the psychological affects (both positive and negative) of social media and how to encourage it’s use in moderation.


Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills:

Helping your child to understand their emotions as they develop is a challenge for any parent. With a deep understanding of the family dynamic, this program helps parents to guide young people in understanding and articulating their emotions for healthy productive relationships at home, in school, and on the field.




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