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SHEEN Magazine CEO, Kimberly Chapman, to Keynote ZOOM CON 2017

Beauty. Ambition. Intellect. Mrs. Kimberly M. Chapman is a LEGEND in her own right.

B2F Girls is happy to announce that Mrs. Kimberly Chapman will be delivering the keynote address for the inaugural ZOOM CON! Set to take place March 24-25 in Atlanta, GA - Ramada Plaza, the conference aims to inspire girls to accelerate into leadership, a charge Mrs. Chapman executes copiously.

Mrs. Chapman is a graduate of Central Wesley College (Now Southern Wesley University) lives and breathes the word “visionary” as the co-creator of Chapman Products Inc. into the extraordinary company it is today. Chapman Products Inc. is a conglomerate that houses Nairobi Professional, Congo Professional, Kerefena Natural Hair Smoothing System, Chapman Foundation Inc., and SHEEN Magazine-all entities that Mrs. Chapman oversees.

With Chapman Products Inc. on the rise as a prominent hair care company in the industry, it was important to expand the brand awareness into media and community outreach. In 1999, she founded the Chapman Foundation, which provides scholarships to high school students, delivers school supplies, toys to the less fortunate and much more. SHEEN Magazine is the brainchild of Kimberly Chapman. It was founded in 2006 and combines all of her favorite things--beauty, fashion and hair--to create The Ultimate Beauty Guide for the modern-day women while also promoting self-love.

Mrs. Kimberly M. Chapman is the epitome of turning a dream into reality. Mrs. Chapman is married to chemist William P. Chapman and they have two children, William “Tre” Chapman and Antonia Chapman-Merced.

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