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How Audria Richmond is Inspiring Minority Female Creatives

For Immediate Release -- July 4, 2017

Contact: Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Publisher

Email: |

Atlanta, GA – B2F Girls Worldwide, in partnership with Literacy Moguls Publishing Co., today announced the selected expert entries for the new anthology, Black Girls Hear. The book will feature 40-50 contributors from across the country and six selected expert authors. Topics include stories from black women's experiences with marginalization as well as themes of gender bias, racial discrimination, barriers to career advancement, intersectionality and personal growth. The paperback book and e-book will be available in the winter of 2017.

Expert Author Audria Richmond offers expert advice and contributes a telling and captivating piece called Colorblind Online. She reveals her experiences with the intersection of race and gender in the creative space.

About Audria

She is a self-titled, results-validated Branding and Marketing Genius. She is a pace setter, a needle mover and an industry fire starter. She is a woman with a master plan, a marketer with a message and the brains behind the brands of several industry influencers in the online realm.

She is Audria Richmond.

Audria is the founder of the Building Big Brands Agency, an award-winning branding and marketing consultancy for top-notch brands who want to command first-rate profits. As a highly sought after consultant, Audria champions entrepreneurs to stand in front of their brands—unclonedand unafraid to be seen. With her incomparable formula of innovation, unquenchable creativity and tech-savviness, Audria is a force that is impossible to reckon with. In 2016, she helped her clients to reel in over $1 million in profits and she’s left her mark on personal and company brands all over the world, from the United States to Singapore.

Audria changed the game with her signature system, UnCloned: The Seven Phases of a Profitable Personal Brand, a revolutionary system that teaches clients how to build wildly profitable personal brands from the ground up with the proven practices, the tools and the strategies they need to go big and stay there. Recently, she added best-selling author to her portfolio of accolades with the release of her debut book, Are You Ready for the Yes: How to Prep Your Brand for Lucrative Opportunities.

B2F Girls

Pre-order your copy of the book at or visit the Author Audria Richmond at to support her.

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