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State of Girls Talk Sessions

B2F Girls offers a number of workshops designed to help girls discover who they are, find their voice, and recognize their power. One of these is B2F Girls Talk. What we know is that when young women are heard they are empowered to be active in their communities. Too often adults tell youth what to do, how to feel but don't take the time to listen. Accordingly, rarely get to hear the varying perspectives of other youth.


B2F believes that young women not only learn best from each other but that young women learn how to communicate in public and express their ideas by being in the midst of others who are doing so. This sharpens their minds, helps them to think critically and builds their confidence and sense of competence in the process. 


B2F Girls Talk provides a platform for young women to be heard and to hear each other as they address anomalies such as dating, leadership, violence, body image, navigating friendships and more. Sometimes girls can't artculate to you what they're feeling until they gain perspective from others. Get your daughter involved in our next Girls Talk session!


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