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2016 Call for Speakers

General Information

In our continuing effort to provide the best training and events possible to our members and event attendees, B2F Girls! invites experienced youth and mentor empowerment professionals and subject-matter experts to submit proposals to speak at future B2F Girls! conferences and events.

Selection Criteria 

For full consideration, a proposed session must clearly apply to the identified target audience and be delivered by a speaker with substantial topic knowledge (subject matter expert) and experience facilitating a learning environment and/or speaking to large groups.  

Proposals are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Advanced - intermediate-level topics preferred over basic or overview-level sessions

  • Current, practical and innovative content that relates to the girls empowerment profession

  • Programs and best practices that demonstrate measurable impact and results in the training of girls and/or mentors

  • Global and national issues addressing interests of the international and national community and organizations

  • Application-focused learning objectives that can realistically be met in the time allotted

  • Clear, specific and informative content that is directly linked to the learning objectives

  • Completeness, accuracy and clarity

  • Mentor and girls empowerment training skills that attendees can "begin to use Monday morning"


NOTE: Due to the short 60-90 minute sessions and the economics of travel, coordination, etc., B2F Girls! rarely entertains proposals for panels or six presenters. If necessary, co-presenters should be noted in the proposal in the None Section.


Submission Process

To submit a proposal, click on the link at the bottom of the page. Please read the proposal form carefully, as it contains specific information you will need to make an informed decision as to whether you would like to submit a topic for consideration.  

Shortly after the proposal deadline, selected speakers will receive an email notification confirming interest by B2F Girls!. The selection process involves a rigorous review and evaluation. Many more proposals are submitted than can be selected, so it is important that you include all required and relevant information to be properly and fairly considered.   


Speaker Requirements, Guidelines and Agreements 
B2F Girls! requires all accepted speakers to review, sign and return a Speaker Guidelines and Agreement document.  Proposals submitted for one event can also be considered for another conference or event at the discretion of B2F Girls! and with approval of the speaker. Each conference session is up to 80 minutes long. Note: For the regional conferences, we select speakers who reside, work and have knowledge of the youth trends in that region. If selected for one of our events, you will be contacted by the notification date listed below. If you would like to contact B2F Girls! (e.g., to report a change in contact information), send your message to  
Upcoming Events and Dates 

B2F Girls! is currently accepting proposals for workshop presenters and keynote speakers for the following events: 


2nd Annual AuthenticiTEA

Tea, Crumpets & Conversations: Modeling Healthy Esteem for Girls
April 23, 2016, Atlanta, GA
Submissions Close: January 1, 2016 
Speaker Notification: By January 31, 2016 CLOSED



2016 Tween Star Awards
Empowering Girls to Shine

October 22, 2016, Hampton, VA
Submissions Deadline: February 28, 2016
Speaker Notification: By March 5, 2016  CLOSED


B2F Girls! Zoom! Conference 2017

Empowering Girls to Lead
+Mentor Certification Course
March 24-25, 2017, Atlanta, GA
Submission Close: May 1, 2016

Speaker Notification: By May 2, 2016


3rd Annual AuthenticiTEA

Tea, Crumpets & Conversations: Modeling Healthy Esteem for Girls
April 22, 2017, Atlanta, GA
Submissions Close: December 1, 2016 
Speaker Notification: By January 31, 2016


B2F Women’s Retreat 2017
Empowering Women Who Empower Girls

Cruise + Mentor Certification Course
July 23-30, 2017, Bermuda
Submissions Close: March 1, 2016
Speaker Notification: By March 7, 2016 CLOSED

2017 Tween Star Awards
Empowering Girls to Shine

October 21, 2017, TBD
Submissions Deadline: November 30, 2016
Speaker Notification: By December 15, 2016

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