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Why girls?


When girls win, we all win!

Help a girl and you help every member of her family, her community and her nation.​
  • Girls who have sanitary hygiene are​ more confident in school and more ​likely to graduate.​​
  • For every year of education a girl receives, her future income increases.
  • ​When a girl has 7 or more years of education, she marries 4 years later and pass on her knowledge and strength.​​
  • She will speak up for herself & others​ and contribute to her community.

Days for Girls Marietta Team

seeks your help in several ways:


  • Sew

  • Host a Sew-In

  • Donate supplies

  • Donate money for supplies

  • Host a Pennies for Panties Drive at your establishment

Marietta GA Team

Team Director: Shekina Farr Moore

ID #: US1009

Why sustainable kits?


What if not having feminine supplies kept you isolated during menstruation? No study for DAYS. No income for DAYS. No access to hygiene... for DAYS. It happens worldwide to women in impoverished communities. They miss up to 8 months of school in 3 years to this issue. Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, the list goes on... all to try to stay in school. These often lead to painful infection. Worse, girls are often exploited in exchange for hygiene to keep them in school. This also affects early marriage, as menstruating girls who are not in school are considered "eligible" regardless of age. It turns out this issue is one of the keys to social change. It's hard to imagine, but true all over the world.


What Can You Do?


The Plan:  Speak up.  Every girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity. We further this goal by helping girls who would otherwise go without to have access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness. We accomplish this through both direct distribution with many nonprofits, by raising awareness, by helping other organizations start their own programs and importantly, by helping impoverished communities start their own programs to supply kits and training. It's working!

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