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Writing is like having a conversation with someone. In hopes to relate to anyone reading. No matter the age, color, or background. In writing there are no interruptions. My name is Ayeilie, I am fifteen years old, and I love to write. What makes writing for this blog even more special to me is the moral. The message being sent to you. The reader. That you are "more precious than jewels."- (Proverbs 31:10)

I also enjoy looking at words and all their different meanings. defines perfect as "entirely without flaws, defects, or shortcomings." In this sense my life is far from perfect. I do not have a perfect home, with a white picket fence, and a dog. Although I wouldn't mind owning a dog. But the word perfect has a different definition. The site also states that perfect can be understood as "entirely fitting the need in a situation or for a certain purpose." This fits far better and can portray my life.

My parents are not divorced. Due to the fact that they were never married to begin with. Both were born in Africa. But I have many mixtures in my family. My biological mother (or Mum) is now married to my amazing stepfather. He is American and I call him daddy. They married a few years after my birth. Moving has been a large part of my life, but I have lived a majority of life with my mother. I now live with my biological father (or papa). My papa is married to my very patient stepmother, who I call Maman. And they are raising me in the African way. While I attending high school.

For a while I believed that my biological parents not being together was the worst thing in my life. And sometimes I am still affected emotionally by it. But now I believe it is the cause of my many blessings and extremely large family. This family consists of ten sisters and two brothers. Both sides of my family value my faith, education, well-being, and future. Though they show love differently, they love me.

They believe in me and I believe in you. I believe in who you will become. And hope you learn, grow, and enjoy this experience as much as me.

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