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Keemia H. Shaw is a Force Inspiring Marginalized Women to Soar

For Immediate Release -- July 4, 2017

Contact: Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Publisher

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Atlanta, GA – B2F Girls Worldwide, in partnership with Literacy Moguls Publishing Co., today announced the selected expert entries for the new anthology, Black Girls Hear. The book will feature 40-50 contributors from across the country and six selected expert authors. Topics include stories from black women's experiences with marginalization as well as themes of gender bias, racial discrimination, barriers to career advancement, intersectionality and personal growth. The paperback book and e-book will be available in the winter of 2017.

Expert Author Keemia H. Shaw, of Raleigh, North Carolina, has been selected to offer expert advice and contribute to Black Girl Hear Anthology to empower minority women in the cross hairs of intersectionality. Her background in social work and psychotherapy has given her an interesting perspective and perception that she shares in her emotion-evoking story. Her story is indeed a testimony. But you have to order the book to learn about how she overcame and continues to overcome her bouts with intersectionality.

About Keemia

Keemia H. Shaw, LCSW is a licensed therapist and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fayetteville State University. She is the owner & CEO of Legacy Family Services PLLC in Raleigh, NC.

Formally a young single mother, Keemia reared her daughter who has now grown to be a successful young prospective physician. Keemia currently mentors and counsels teen & single moms. She empowers the young parents to set and reach goals not only for themselves but for their offspring.

Keemia is married to a wonderful man of God and the matriarch of a beautifully blended family, Keemia successfully manages the roles of devoted wife and mother.

Keemia strives to be an example of a virtuous woman, a woman who yields to God in every area of her life.  The Lord has given Keemia a passion for prayer.  She humbly serves as a committed prayer warrior and counts it an honor to be chosen for the role.

Mrs. Shaw has more than a decade of government employment and counseling experience which enables her to reach others with humor, warmth, transparency and strength.   

Keemia Shaw is an award winning federal government employee, entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and advocate.  Her life’s purpose is to help others maximize their fullest potential and live the life the God has ordained for them LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.  

*Pre-order your copy of Black Girls Hear or contact the Author you wish to support.

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