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Award-winning Journalist Jessica Mosley is Inspiring Women in New Anthology

For Immediate Release -- July 4, 2017

Contact: Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Publisher

Email: |

Atlanta, GA – B2F Girls Worldwide, in partnership with Literacy Moguls Publishing Co., today announced the selected expert entries for the new anthology, Black Girls Hear. The book will feature 40-50 contributors from across the country and six selected expert authors. Topics include stories from black women's experiences with marginalization as well as themes of gender bias, racial discrimination, barriers to career advancement, intersectionality and personal growth. The paperback book and e-book will be available in the winter of 2017.

Expert Author Jessica Mosley of Indianapolis, Indiana has been selected to offer expert advice and contribute to Black Girl Hear Anthology to empower minority women in the cross hairs of intersectionality. Her background in corporate finance and media has given her a wealth of experience in business and all that comes with it. She shares her encounters with the blows of intersectionality, sure to inspire all who feast their eyes on her powerful story.

About Jessica

Jessica L.Mosley is an "Shift Making" Leader and The CEO of J.Mosley Publishing. She has

an exceptional background in finance, beauty, and project management. Jessica has

unraveled her life experiences so that she can answer the mandate that is on her life to take

women and teen girls through the purification process of the mind, body, and soul.

Jessica has received many awards while in her career in Finance (Employee of The Month,

Employee of The Year, VP of Branch Management Sales Award, Star of The Week, Star of

The Month, Who's Who In Banking, Women's Advocate Leader just to name a few) and has

climbed the corporate ladder to become an VP of Retail Sales in Branch Management. She

has been ranked #2 in the State of Indiana for Investment Sales and #9 in the entire

company. Jessica has been gifted in so many areas; especially that of the beauty field.

Jessica is a hairstylist and a professional makeup artist for over a decade. She currently

freelances for makeup giants MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She is now a

Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Jessica is an advocate for Domestic Violence Abuse and volunteers with women and young

girls who have suffered at the hands of it. Her radio show, The Queen Esther Radio Show is a

part of the May We Help You Radio Network ( and can also aires on

IHeart Radio. Because of the extreme hardships that Jessica has had to face and have

overcome, such as being homeless and being in an abusive relationship(s), she loves to give

back! She has developed an coaching program, "Ettiquette Fit For A Queen" for women that

are ex-offenders, homeless, LOOKING TO CHANGE THEIR CURRENT SITUATIONS, or in

battered womens' shelters/ facilities. Jessica is on a mission to help other women make LIFE

CHANGING shifts and to LIVE the life that God intends for them to live!!!

Black Girls Hear

"Black women and girls must often navigate through a landscape that reinforces multidimensional stereotypes and debilitating narratives that negatively impact how black femininity is understood."

*Pre-order your copy of Black Girls Hear or contact the Author you wish to support.

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