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How Powerhouse Lesleigh Mausi is Inspiring Minority Women to Thrive

For Immediate Release -- July 4, 2017

Contact: Dr. Shekina Farr Moore, Publisher

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Atlanta, GA – B2F Girls Worldwide, in partnership with Literacy Moguls Publishing Co., today announced the selected expert entries for the new anthology, Black Girls Hear. The book will feature 40-50 contributors from across the country and six selected expert authors. Topics include stories from black women's experiences with marginalization as well as themes of gender bias, racial discrimination, barriers to career advancement, intersectionality and personal growth. The paperback book and e-book will be available in the winter of 2017.

Expert Author Lesleigh Mausi has been selected to offer expert advice and contribute to the Black Girl Hear Anthology to empower minority women caught in the cross hairs of intersectionality. Lesleigh brings a wealth of personal and career knowledge, leaning on her background in education and her prowess in the business sector. A writer, she shares her own experiences with the dance between race and gender in a powerful prose called And She Looked Up.

Meet Lesleigh

Lesleigh Mausi, M.Ed. is an Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Educator and Writer. She is Co-Founder of The DOME Group, LLC, an entertainment promotions company producing first-class concerts and musical events throughout the Southern and Mid-Western markets for over 11 years. Her company secures some of the top names in music for events sponsored by major corporate clients, and homecoming shows for colleges and universities.

A 22-year educator, Lesleigh has impacted thousands of public school children in Michigan and North Carolina as a teacher and leader. Her career spans elementary, middle and high school levels teaching Vocal Music, Black History and Language Arts, and leadership as a Curriculum Leader and Assistant Principal. In 2013, she piloted single-gendered reading programs that supported high-school students with foundational reading struggles. Her approach to design gender-empowering classrooms proved that surrounding girls and boys with literature focused on their interests, identities and strengths leads to increased confidence and significant progress in reading. For this work, Lesleigh was a Nominee for the Spectacular Magazine’s “Woman of the Year” Award in Education in 2014. She was a voice representing her results in Washington D.C. at the Congressional Black Caucus Education Town Hall in 2015. In 2016, Lesleigh Mausi was the inaugural recipient of the “Assistant Principal of the Year” Award from the Durham Public Schools district.

Creatively, Lesleigh is also a writer and classically trained pianist. She has served as Minister of Music, choir director, and composer for churches, ministries and recorded musical projects. She wrote, directed and performed the original spoken word stage production, “His Praise, Her Prose” at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, Michigan. Fusing honest prose with cultural images, technology, live music and dance, Lesleigh’s creative voice becomes a sensory, participatory and spiritual experience for her audiences. Her written works are housed with the United States Library of Congress.

Lesleigh Mausi earned her B.A. in Communications/Journalism from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan (1995). She earned her Educational Certification from The University of Detroit-Mercy (1998), followed by a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan (2003). She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Lesleigh resides in both North Carolina and Michigan with her husband of 18 years, Sulaiman, and their sons, Sulaiman Jr. and Ahmad.

Black Girls Hear

"Black women and girls must often navigate through a landscape that reinforces multidimensional stereotypes and debilitating narratives that negatively impact how black femininity is understood."

*Pre-order your copy of Black Girls Hear or contact the Author you wish to support.

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