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The Selfie Era



Definition: A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.


Went out to Ihop with the family, and you and your fresh food look instagram worthy? Selfie. Just got done getting cute for a party this evening? Selfie. At a Beyonce concert in the front row? Selfie. Of course!

It's been said that this generation is too absorbed in themselves and not focused on the event's they attend outside the camera. Well news update, Iphones and Androids are the lighter and new camcorders of our generation. And selfies are our way of remebering these moments for a life time. Even outside of events, taking pictures just because is something no one should be ashamed of, especially for young girls. It promotes body positivty, confidence, and just snaps of the moments of now so you can laugh later! Remeber that selfie you took in sixth grade when you were going through your Emo phase?.... You don't want to talk about it? Ok. Some, we would like to peer at, but not really want to remeber. But now that you are evolving as you grow up some phases and styles of yours will be better remebered than others. But don't fret about what others say your perfect in your own way! Don't over think it when it doubt just take a selfie!

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