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Shekina Farr Moore to Keynote APP Graduation

APP graduation Shekina Farr Moore Keynote

Shekina Farr Moore, Ed.S., has been selected to provide her signature Keynote Address "Blah to Fierce" for the NC Department of Health & Human Services' APP (Adolescent Parenting Program) Graduation. Each year the division celebrates the teen parents who graduate from their program (which coincides with their HS graduation or GED completion) with a conference. This year’s conference will be on June 23, 2016, and the theme is "Step Right Up: It’s Your Time to Shine!" In selecting Shekina, Evaluation Consultant, Audrey Loper added, "participants would love the “blah to fierce” message and this would lend itself to a great keynote!" Shekina looks forward to impacting lives and hopes to inspire all who attend.

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