Letters to Our Daughters: What you need to know about money

Dear Girls,

I really want you to know that money is your friend.

The world we live in likes to make money complicated, especially for girls. But it doesn’t have to be. Money can buy books, education AND fun things like cupcakes and nail polish.

Money can be serious but doesn’t have to be scary. Being friends with money can change your life.

You might that heard that women make less than men, for doing the same job.

Ridiculous, right? Like, whhhhyyyyy?

We really hope that this changes for your generation. It’s pretty outdated and stupid.

I’ve learned a lot about money, and I really want to pass on some tips:

1: Get a part-time job as soon as you can

Before I was allowed to legally have a job, I spent afternoons and weekends assisting my dance teacher so I could pay for my own lessons. When I was old enough, I worked in a shoe shop to help pay for my costumes and dance shoes.

A good work ethic will take you far in life.

I’ve scrubbed toilets, answered phones and fetched coffee. I’ve worked in big fancy offices (and earned less than the guys) and now I own my own business and I make my own money.

Everyone starts somewhere. Even if your parents give you pocket money, nothing beats earning your own.

2: Start your own savings account

I spent all my earnings from my summer job, while my friend saved hers to buy a car. It wasn’t fancy but it was HERS. I didn’t buy my first car until I was 30 because I was so bad at saving.

I put my first laptop on a credit card instead of saving up for it. It seemed like “easy money” but it cost me A LOT over time and I ended up regretting it.

Just put a little bit away. It adds up.

3. Find good money role models.

Maybe you come from a family who are already awesome with money. Maybe you don’t (I didn’t).

Some pop stars and reality show celebrities might live in fancy houses but don’t actually have that much money. It’s all for show. Some are seriously broke or in debt behind the scenes.

Find someone real in your life who understands money. Ask your Mama and your Grandma about what they’ve learned about money. Ask what their best and worst ever purchases were. Learn from their mistakes and adopt their healthy money habits.

Money is a fact of life and it’s just a tool to help you live your life.

Your money story is yours to write. You can totally create the future life you want by becoming friends with money.

xx Denise

Who am I?

I’m a money mindset mentor for women. I write funny books about money, like “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”.

I believe that women in business can change the planet - we can earn our own money, make decisions about where we spend our money and empower women all around the world to live better lives. Learn more about Denise.


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