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Bob Mackey: A Man You Should Know

There are men and then there are men you should know.

Come meet Bob Mackey at the inaugural ZOOM CON in Atlanta, GA - Ramada Plaza, March 24-25, 2017!

Bob Mackey is dynamic and caring professional who uses his gifts for inspiration and motivation to inspire young men and women to achieve success in life. Bob was born into poverty in the small town of Center, Georgia and soon learned that eagles don’t fly with chickens. Raised by his grandmother, uncle, single mother, and “whoever was off work at the time,” Bob soon realized that the odds were stacked against him. Like many at-risk youth, Bob was in danger of becoming a dropout statistic and that he did. Though he was placed in an academic program for gifted students, he spent most of his school days in in-school suspension programs. By the age of 15 he was well on his way down the road to failure, affiliating with the wrong crowd and neglecting his once-promising educational future.

Bob’s record of service to youth is impressive for such a young man and has become a hot commodity in the youth development world. He was the first and only child out of his six siblings to graduate from college, receiving his Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. He found a promising career working for the Department of Juvenile Justice and the State of Georgia from 2005-2009 but soon realized our youth were in a starving state for prevention just like he once was. He also served as the Regional Director of Education, Senior Club Director, & various positions for the Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Georgia/Metro Atlanta, where he has been credited by all who know him for increasing graduation rates for club members by 87%, decreasing school discipline referrals by 50%, and decreasing juvenile delinquency rates by 30%.

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