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Sherilyn Bennett: A Woman You Should Know

There are women and then there are women you should know.

Everyday women across the country and globe are making things happen in their world. They are women who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared.

Come meet Sherilyn Bennett at the inaugural ZOOM CON in Atlanta, GA - Ramada Plaza, March 24-25, 2017!

A native of Ocala, Florida, Sherilyn is an accomplished and sought after speaker, who travels the country ministering to girls and women. Sherilyn is the CEO of the Spiritual Sweets® LLC an international brand and ministry for girls and women.

Sherilyn is the celebrated author of the much talked about book “It’s Time for a Village Meeting: Awakening Moms, Reclaiming Our Girls” and the soon to be released book “Warrior: Battle Principles for Girls.” She has spent the last year hosting “Village Talks” across the country that has brought about healing, hope, and health to relationships between mothers and daughters.

Minister Bennett hosted the Spiritually Sweet Talk Radio Show to empower girl’s worldwide; and has counseled hundreds of girls one-on-one. She is globally known for her approach of empowering girls to live their faith out loud. Minister Bennett prides herself in her biblical approach to fostering the gifts that each girl has maturing on the inside of them.

Sherilyn is a graduate of the prestigious Art Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and an award-winning graphic designer. In 2016, Sherilyn birthed Camden Lane Creative Agency whose branding clients include Award-winning gospel artists Jekalyn Carr and Beverly Crawford. Camden Lane has also birthed a Branding Academy for girls with the entrepreneurial spirit.

As the CEO of Spiritual Sweets, Sherilyn proudly proclaims “Girls were born with everything they need to be the woman they will be”. She believes that greatness lives quietly on the inside of every young girl, however, it must be identified, and nurtured until it is ready to be revealed; then and only then will they become the light of the world that draws others unto Christ.

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