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Tiffanny A. Goodman: A Woman You Should Know

There are women and then there are women you should know.

Everyday women across the country and globe are making things happen in their world. They are women who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared.

Come meet Tiffanny Goodman at the inaugural ZOOM CON in Atlanta, GA - Ramada Plaza, March 24-25, 2017!

Life experiences cultivated this mother, author, playwright, director, producer, and speaker to become a forerunner for generations to come. From the early age of 14, Tiffanny became a product of an environment that introduced her to a title that she wasn’t ready for. Without consistent mentors and a village that could deter a life of constant pitfalls, by the age of 21, she was the single mother of four small children. Book smart but void of street knowledge, at the age of 25 she was faced to leave her children behind and serve nearly 6 years with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Self-rehabilitation inside of prison walls developed a profound discovery, “Experience is not the best teacher.” It was that mindset that led to mentoring women behind a barbed wire fence; books and stage plays were birthed all designed to empower and encourage. Upon release, a mission and goal was created to empower young women free and bond to avoid a life of “pit falls.”

She is the author of “Speak Up! Speak Out! A Mother’s Cry Against Violence,” a book that was written and published after her 18 year-old son became the victim of mistaken identity; the producer and director of stages plays, Speak Up! Speak Out, A Mother’s Cry Against Violence, Cry Out, and A Mother’s Cry.” She was sworn in by the Mayor of the City of Saginaw to sit on the Citizens Advisory Board and she is a former panel member of Enough is Enough Outreach that traveled throughout Michigan to empower at risk youth.

She is a mentor for Girl Pride facilitating sessions that covered: anti-bullying, etiquette, peer pressure and self-esteem, etcetera; and provided weekly studies and workbooks for topic of discussions for youth at the juvenile detention center. Tiffanny is also an advocate for women that lost children to gun violence relocated to the Atlanta Metropolitan area with hopes of a promising future.

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