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Darlene Hopkins Thorne: A Woman You Should Know

There are women and then there are women you should know.

Everyday women across the country and globe are making things happen in their world. They are women who have discovered, outperformed, innovated, defied and soared.

Come meet Darlene Thorne at the inaugural ZOOM CON in Atlanta, GA -Ramada Plaza, March 24-25, 2017!

Pastor Darlene Thorne has been devoted to life change since she was in her early twenties with a mission to teach girls to women how to practice personal self care body, soul and spirit. This however, has not come without a price. As a teen she led a very promiscuous life, she was at odds with her mother and felt abandoned by her father. Not until she attended a conference which focused on teaching both children and adults how to live God-filled life, did she make a total commitment to God.

She now uses her company, A Heart After the Father, L.L.C., to reach those who struggle with self esteem and identity issues.

As an international speaker and a transformational catalyst, Pastor Darlene has traveled extensively ministering the word of God, speaking at conferences and and facilitating workshops and symposiums. With a focus on total self care, Pastor Darlene delivers a message of life change from the inside out!. Featured on television, radio and live sessions, Pastor Darlene presents a clear, life-changing message that motivates.

Some of her conference topics are: ‘You Weren’t Designed to Fit In,’ ‘Loving the Skin You’re In,’ ’Slay those Goliaths!’ and ‘Living Authentically: Embracing the Real You’.

Pastor Darlene has been married to the love of her life for over 30 years. She and her husband, Kevin Thorne, serve together as pastors at Grace Worship Center in Clayton, NC. They have two world changer young adults, Kevin, II and Kennedy Elayne.

Girls with dreams become women with vision. Register for ZOOM CON 2017 today at

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